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At the funeral of a teacher killed in last week's Florida massacre, his fiancée was careful to follow the wishes of her slain love. Scott Beigel was gunned down Wednesday along with 16 others in one of the worst school shootings in America's history. Thousands of Zimbabweans gathered on Tuesday to bid a final farewell to opposition veteran Morgan Tsvangirai, who was one of Africa's most globally admired politicians and lived to see the fall of his political nemesis Robert Mugabe. Tsvangirai, the Peter Wang’s final act of heroism — holding the door so his classmates could escape the former student shooting up their school — inspired people from around the world. His friends and family said the bravery during the attack on Marjory Stoneman The captain of South Korea’s women’s curling team has emerged to win the internet with her take-no-prisoners stare. The 27-year-old “skip” (team captain) Kim Eun-jung has been leading her team of furious ice sweepers on a winning streak. Her latest TV is a volatile business sometimes, and that’s true even of shows that aren’t about superpowered nutjobs blowing everything up with their lasers and special abilities. However, most of the stuff we’ve watched our whole lives either started as In response, Warner Bros. is moving slowly and cautiously rather than trying to line up a parade of superhero movies with arbitrary release dates. Aquaman is still on schedule for December 21st, filming has begun on Shazam! for an April 5, 2019 release date. .

Comic book OG Christopher Priest was reluctant about writing what turned out to be his greatest work. It was 1998 and Marvel, which had just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, was desperate for a comeback when the company started the edgier Marvel Knights New Jersey native and country music newcomer Ali Auburn releases empowering lead single Hero, off her forthcoming record, due out this April. The song, which typifies the theme of empowerment through self-discovery, serves as an inspirational message to ( – “The film serves as a breath of fresh intellectual air, especially amid today’s sociopolitical climate. It is the power of representation in its best form. It is empowerment on a higher level. It is inspiration to a different This week, Black Panther became only the fifth movie ever to have an over $200 million opening weekend, disproving once and for all the old Hollywood belief that films centered around “nonwhite” protagonists—particularly in the superhero genre—won .

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