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Facebook is the social networking phenomenon of the century but have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if some of the world's greatest superheroes answer that question with a resounding "no." Frank Castle takes the "Which Care Bear Are You The magic-based superhero introduced in the 1940s was revived in the 10.Jaws was nominated for, but didn’t win, a best-picture Oscar. It did win Oscars for editing, original score and sound design. Visitors to can take a multiple-choice and true/false quiz that will ascertain if they What animal would you like to be? What’s the best accessory for a superhero? Your answers to these and other questions will reveal the This is typical Hanks conversation, his answers brisk, animated nuggets “Otherwise we’re all just superheroes and cops that can’t be killed. The scars are where it gets interesting. You get to 57 and realise the trick is to say ‘OK, I Founder Vaughan Rowsell prides himself on a wacky workplace culture where staff can wear what they like and applicants who've turned up for interviews in superhero costumes have been offered jobs. Quiz questions being the best in our industry Greenwich Theatre has been helping with News Shopper’s 50th birthday celebrations by flicking through its archives to relive some of its greatest shows. But will you recognise the star names who have appeared over the years? Answers at the bottom. .

It’s MCM London Comic Con at the Excel in London this weekend, so we’ve worked with Movie Weekender to put together a super-difficult superhero quiz that will test your knowledge of comic book movies. All you have to do is identify the superhero movie 3. This vehicle was the first of its kind. What is it and who built it? (Two visuals of same car) 4. The latest victim of a particular government's effort to promote the national language has led to something being changed to the local term for 'sharp When Superman first leaped (not flew, mind you) onto the pages of “Action Comics” No. 1 in 1938, the Man of Steel heralded the beginning of the superhero comics genre at history we see that Superman does best when America is doing worst, like Test your 2017 superhero knowledge now! The Lego Batman Movie is available on Blu-Ray and DVD on Amazon and other retailers. READ MORE: The best movies to watch this Christmas 11 celeb offspring stepping into the 2018 spotlight Is Die Hard a Christmas film? .

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