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Astronomers aren't quite sure what dark matter is, but you can buy it in a can in Brooklyn. The brooklyn superhero supply Co. also sells containers of "Antimatter," "Magnificence," "Immortality" and "Gratitude" for all your superhuman needs. Dan's Parents A new superhero musical the 2014-15 slate at Off Broadway’s Vineyard Theater. “Brooklynite,” with songs by Peter Lerman and book by Lerman and Mayer (who also helms), takes its inspiration from the brooklyn superhero supply Co., the deadpan The solution may be found at the spring 2012 collection for superheroes presented by the brooklyn superhero supply Co. The event, on Oct. 24 at 9 p.m. at the Ace Hotel, is a benefit for 826NYC, a nonprofit literacy organization. The contributing designers With everything from X-Ray glasses to bright red capes, Brooklyn's Superhero Supply Store is a kid's dream come true. But the store offers kids more than superpowers. Behind a secret door, there's a mini classroom that holds free tutoring and creative Least of all can I tolerate being infantilized. Years ago I walked into Dave Eggers’s Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. to purchase a copy of The Believer — that month’s issue carried an essay on the novelist Walter Abish. The clerks required anyone More than any other writer of his generation, Dave Eggers is a brand. The 42-year-old author is which is partly supported by whimsical storefronts like the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store. For his work, he's been awarded the TED Prize, the Heinz .

Sometimes, a little ridiculousness can be kind of wonderful. This store, unlike many of the others on this list, is about a cause more important than holier-than-thou hipsterism and the almighty dollar. The shop, founded by author Dave Eggars, sells the You can Plant A Tree in Brooklyn, New York’s beautiful Prospect Park ‘s Give Love packages for your Valentine is so special. For instance, their “Super Hero Pack” provides Measles, Tetanus and Polio Vaccines; a Vaccine Carrier to ensure For example—at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply company you can purchase a set of vacuum suction cups for scaling the exterior of buildings. If the whole Spider-Man thing isn't for you, how about the power of invisibility? An "invisible" suit is available .

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