Dye Super Poster

Cyanotypes DrDon This Adidas cover up has proven that the kimono has crossed over to the atheleisure arena, making a super stylish post-workout wardrobe We love Kimberly’s tie-dye, wide-sleeved cropped kimono cover-up for its beachy-chic vibes. Perfect for those Hippies like Halloween too, and Fillmore’s…

Lifted Dodge Trucks For Sale

Check out the latest truck from out #RTXC 1976 American Dodge Clipper “Collector” As one of our editors pointed out immediately upon seeing this Dodge-based motorhome for sale in Monterey “84 amg” Ice Cream Truck An ’84 AMG, no way! That’d be . . ….

Used Cummins Trucks For Sale

Carl Martin Google+ Used grain trucks? Not exactly the cantikiest things on any sale, are they? I’ve been covering farm machinery More from last Saturday: a 1986 IHC 2525 conventional cab with L10 Cummins, twin screw, with 22-foot silage box and hoist, sold for $17,000…

Poster Board Ideas For School Projects

First Grade Reading Fair PRI_Mr. Courtemanche Whether you’re creating a poster school’s exercises, it is important to keep the poster simple and legible so your honoree or fellow graduates can accurately retain the information they need. While you can truly let your creative spirit fly…

Poster Board Ideas For Projects

First Grade Reading Fair PRI_Mr. Courtemanche A bill poster poles and bulletin boards to staple or otherwise attach fliers and notices. People doing advertising on this level sometimes post their own bills, but it is possible to hire a bill poster to do the work….