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they were adamant about not staying in a motel with clown pictures hanging on the walls in each room. As if the clowns in the framed pictures would suddenly move or something. "I put them up at the Mizpah," Carlin said, referring to the Mizpah Hotel a few People dressed as evil clowns and roaming are causing a stir in California's San Joaquin Valley. The latest after-dark sighting came Saturday night, when police in Bakersfield responded about 8 p.m. to a report of a clown holding a firearm, according Clown sightings followed in Maryland and more than 40 other states. Pictures and video of scary clowns swept the internet. And a craze that many wrote off as a string of hoaxes began having real-life consequences. School districts in Connecticut People across the world have been gripped by the story of the clown since pictures emerged online of him standing in various locations around the town, looking similar to the Pennywise character from the cult Stephen King film, It. In an exclusive But some clowns are meant to be scary. And if you spot a scary clown in Savannah and after we ate we got swarmed by people asking to talk, take photos and get autographs,” O’Hanley said. “If they’re afraid, they stay away, but if they The couple will be posting the pictures from their photoshoot every day this month Startled bystanders have reported scary clowns wielding baseball bats, machetes and even guns. WTVB quotes Bakersfield Police Lieutenant Jason Matson: “We’ve .

Mick Guerin, 44, of Narre Warren said his three children, aged 11, nine and six, are so frightened by images clown instead of the frightening one,” Mr Casey said. Veteran clown performer Alan Sloggett, of Comedy Clowns, said the clown purge had That's where clowns apparently tried to lure children into the woods, according to the police. Since then, creepy clowns have been reported roaming around more than 20 states, according to BuzzFeed News. Most of the scary of clown images being used after threatening messages were posted on Facebook by two people who used creepy clown photos as their profile pics. Sightings and online reports of scary clowns across the country — some real, many fake — are keeping law enforcement officials busy .

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