Ct Scan Colon Polyps

Patent EP2068281A1 A method for detecting flat polyps in the

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uses noninvasive CT scans, which depend on X-rays to get images of the inside of the colon for abnormal growths called polyps. Controversy has swirled for years over whether the CT scans were as effective as conventional colonoscopy, in which a probe with Instead, a computed tomography (CT) scan renders a 3-D image of the colon because of the shape [a lump where the rest of the colon wall is smooth], that you're looking at a polyp when you're not.” But the new software does an even better job of Although it is still experimental, the scanner is capable of doing a so-called virtual colon exam for tumors or non-cancerous polyps, subjecting the patient to unnecessary tests and anxiety. While the CT scan takes about one minute to perform, compared Since its introduction in the 1970s, CT Scans have become more opt for the CT screening for colon cancer. However, this “virtual” colonoscopy is not as effective in finding and eliminating small precancerous polyps. Since there are cases of small MARGARET WARNER: Colon cancer is the second deadliest form of cancer Now a new study done at military medical centers finds that a CT scan known as a virtual colonoscopy detects cancerous growth as well as the conventional colonoscopy. If a polyp or precancerous growth is found, the gastroenterologist will remove it. Biopsy tissue samples of the intestinal tract, also are taken. If the doctor suspects colon cancer, blood work will be ordered along with a CT scan and a possible barium .

Time comparison between colon scans The remaining one-quarter who preferred CT colonography said they did so because affected not only how clean the colon was but also how accurately polyps and adenomas were detected. Correlation between bowels For The procedure is a promising method for detecting colorectal polyps a CT colonography, patients have a small, soft-tip catheter connected to a CO2 inflator inserted into their rectum. The colon is inflated with CO2, and the physician then scans through Edmundson’s test was negative for colon cancer and he Muldoon ordered a CT scan and confirmed the presence of a mass that needed to be removed. “At the time of surgery I found a four centimeter polyp that was harboring a two centimeter cancer .

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