Falcon Heavy Landing

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Another Picture of falcon heavy landing:

This doesn’t include the recent test flight of the Falcon Heavy, which is basically three Falcon 9 rockets there was also the launch pad explosion in 2016. Since landing the first Falcon 9 booster in late 2015, SpaceX has attained a 79 percent Powered by nine Merlin engines, the Falcon 9's first stage has also mastered the art of landing upright on solid ground or on Last month SpaceX launched its monster Falcon Heavy rocket -- three times as powerful as the Falcon 9 -- for the first time With the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX opted to land its boosters on solid ground. The rocket’s center core wasn’t quite as lucky, missing its landing on a drone ship. Musk said the core ran out of propellant and wasn’t able to adequately slow down. SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket successfully completed its long-awaited maiden The third booster failed to make a landing on a robotic drone ship at sea. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he felt “quite giddy” before the launch. "What I find strange about B1044 sadly lost any hope at a second flight, but the data SpaceX gathered from its uniquely fast reentry and attempted soft-landing will hopefully pave the way for the recovery of Falcon 9 and Heavy boosters after all but the heaviest satellite launches. But instead of a drone ship landing, it was a splashdown that ultimately destroyed Following that should be the first operational flight of a Falcon Heavy in June, and the first test flight of a Crew Dragon (uncrewed) as early as August. .

Admittedly, the performance wasn't flawless. SpaceX lost Falcon Heavy's core stage in a failed landing attempt at sea. But that's OK. This was, after all, the 1.0 version of that core, which Musk said constituted "basically a complete redesign" of the .

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