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Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel was quickest among the 10 drivers Daniel Ricciardo put Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s 2018 challenger, the RB14, a top the first-day speed charts as the four-day Formula 1 test kicked off at Circuit de Despite being produced in just a limited number, every once in a while a Ferrari Enzo pops up for sale on the second-hand market and usually the asking price stands at just around 1m USD mark. But what if that Ferrari Enzo is owned by Floyd Mayweather? Fusion Luxury Motors in Chatsworth, Los Angeles currently has the following 2003 Ferrari Enzo up for sale. With an asking price of $2,888,000, only the most hardcore Ferrari Enzo or exotic collector is likely to purchase it Justifying the price is the fact Ferrari’s successor to the Enzo will debut sometime this year, company chairman Luca di Montezemolo announced in a press release this morning. “At the end of the year, we’ll also be unveiling the new Enzo, a limited series model and our first ever Earlier today, Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram stories to show off a rare $1.4 million USD Ferrari LaFerrari that was gifted to her from Travis Scott. In the video, the flashy black car is shown off with Kylie calling it a “push present.” One of the headline cars is this 2005 Ferrari Enzo, named after founder Enzo Ferrari. Only 400 of the 660 horsepower V12 supercars were built. Originally it had a base price of almost $700,000. This was the last one built, which Ferrari gave to Pope John .

Put your doubts aside for a moment and simply take in the loveliness that is the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio some similarities with the V-8 you find under the hood of the Ferrari 488 GTB, but it's undergone some pretty significant changes One Ferrari owner decided to give it a go with his V12-engined Ferrari Enzo. Now before you think that he’s bastardized this classic, you should know that his car was previously a wreck as he crashed it in a rally back in 2006. Along with a new body from Mama mia, this mechanic is going to be in trouble after smashing a Ferrari Enzo supercar on Interstate-95 in Connecticut. It’s never a good thing when a seriously cantiky supercar hits a curb, runs into a guardrail, or is basically dismantled by hard But it isn’t quite like that. This is a crashed Ferrari Enzo, and the $376,000 price is not the final price but the current bid on auction site Crashed Toyz. Located in East Bethel, Minneapolis (Minnesota), the vehicle will be offered in an online .

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