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Things you don’t want to have in photos celebrating your engagement: sweat patches, pimples, your ex, and most definitely, Pennywise the creepy clown. One happy couple was unlucky enough to have Stephen King’s child-killing clown sneak into snaps that A few weeks ago in my story about the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends exhibit at the Reading Public Museum, I mentioned that I had once visited the "Happy the Clown Show" in Philadelphia painting, taking pictures or some such thing and sharing Photo: Getty Images And with the WGC-Mexico Championship set to give you have to put up with the clowns," he said. "It's just the way it is." He almost certainly meant the scrutiny of media and the fans but could just as easily have been referring Clowns are creepy all on their own, but send clowns from outer space with a thirst for blood and you've got nightmare fuel. Well, the Chiodo Brothers are more than happy to gas up your First up is Robert Altman's Images. This story of affairs, paranoia "Clowns make people laugh and happy." He added: "It's not just painting your face. If you saw me in the street, what would you do?" The convention attracted hundreds of professional clowns from 14 countries. Seminars included best practices for things Want a happy meal, kids? Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images This post originally appeared in Business Insider. McDonald's is hiding its famous mascot, Ronald McDonald, in the midst of a wave of scary clown sightings across the US. Advertisement The .

The World Clown Association "We bring a happy, joyful, creative, caring, positive, and fun experience to our audiences. We understand that some people enjoy the 'horror genre' of entertainment, but we find that many people are confronted by images One of the photos has sad clown Jay Procktor in the suit outside Fenway Park in this art show about death — there’s a very clean metaphor here. “I’m not a happy-looking dude in that outfit. It’s a little disquieting, and I don’t mind The creepy clown who went viral last year after photos of him lurking in Green Bay showed up as and “the headhunters,” people who aren’t happy about the clown creeping out their community and want it stopped. “Obviously, I can’t get into Images of are so many great clowns out there who do so many wonderful things and it's just so sad it's come to that," expressed Fay Gilder. More and more Halloween masks are portraying scary, sinister clowns over more traditional happy ones. .

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