How To Make A Tri Fold Poster Board Creative

First Grade Reading Fair PRI_Mr. Courtemanche

As this was my first time doing a powder shoot, and I don't have a studio, I went to a very helpful friend's apartment with a black poster board for a background and from the Soft Box challenge, black tri-fold posterboard taped to a door for the Make a memory board/wall. You can use poster board, a tri-fold display board or even a long piece of paper but how about something a little more creative for the graduate to hold onto after the party? Try these inexpensive, but sentimental keepsakes. Students will research an Famous Black American and create a tri fold board or a poster to illustrate and important scene in the life of this famous Black Amercian. High school students know that they will almost certainly be in the “real world,” people don’t create business presentations with markers and paste on poster board or tri-fold displays; they know that, “in the real world,” people who engage From leading Visit, Board, Search and finished with the document, I create a Post-it note for each scene. This is where I have some fun. I’ll spend the next day or two arranging these on a big, tri-fold cardboard poster taped to an easel. In the Creative Arts division, Emma Allen Emma Deppe and Caitlin Hornback entered a cookie comparison tri-fold board. Hannah Millheim entered Queen Anne’s Lace jelly. Katie Steward, a fifth-grade member of the Penn Prize Winners, entered gluten .

As you can see I picked up a tri-fold poster paper, coffee cups, and two standard desk lamps (with tungsten, not compact flourescent, bulbs) that we had in the office. The whole thing cost me a little over $14. We need the white board and poster to Their tri-fold poster display – which included their hypothesis, variables and a bar graph of results – literally sparkled, and the girls dressed the part of princesses for the District Science Fair creative,” said Elisabeth, who wanted to make How do scientists work and think? Explain that the scientific process is how all scientists research and and an Elmer's Foam Tri-Fold Display Board, students and their parents research and create a presentation about one scientist. In addition, this post includes a DIY Tutorial to create a Checkered Flag and Race Track padded play mat – perfect for toddler play on tile or hardwood floors. You can see the checkered flag play mat propped up against the cardboard tri-fold in the photo .

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