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PUGLIA, Italy—Ferrari decided to introduce the 2018 Portofino, the company’s new entry-level model—of course, with a base price of $214,533 This lucky change in the weather suggests that despite Enzo Ferrari having died in 1988, he still In honor of the 120th anniversary of his birthday, the Enzo Ferrari Museum is hosting a photo exhibition, which includes images of Enzo Ferrari at various stages of his life, from childhood to adulthood. SEE ALSO: 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso Review Enzo Anselmo Ferrari of Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari. The exhibition opened on Feb. 19. Located in Ferrari’s birthplace in Modena in Italy, the exhibition allows visitors to marvel at photos depicting different phases in his life But it isn’t quite like that. This is a crashed Ferrari Enzo, and the $376,000 price is not the final price but the current bid on auction site Crashed Toyz. Located in East Bethel, Minneapolis (Minnesota), the vehicle will be offered in an online New leaked images have revealed a new variant to the Ferrari 488, which will apparently be called the Conservative estimates for the car’s price is expected to be in the region of £215,000. 488 Pista This is one of three images leaked online that show the car's new name: 488 Pista The Ferrari 488 GTO will be the most hardcore V8 supercar to leave the gates of Maranello when it is launched this year It will have a 700bhp turbocharged V8 engine .

The Golden State warrior became the best-selling prancing horse ever, bringing in a high percentage of new customers at its $200,000 opening price to a Ferrari. You may recall that he won that race with Dan Gurney in, yes, a Ferrari.) View photos Yes it is, as Ferrari has confirmed this week. The 488 Pista you see here in official pictures will make its world debut in With an expected Thai price tag of 30 million baht, the 488 Pista will be slightly dearer than the Performante but just as If that sticker price is accurate, the LaFerrari, after taxes, will succeed the Enzo as the most expensive Ferrari model. Ferrari said it plans to build 499 units of LaFerrari, 100 more than the Enzo, in an effort to meet growing demand in Asia This latest info comes from Autocar Japan, which just posted a series of leaked images and specs on and the whole thing is tagged with a price tag of roughly $300,000. Read our full speculative review on the 2018 Ferrari 488 Pista. .

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