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He's stepped back from the clowning business these days, in part, he says, because of the perception clowns are somehow supposed to scare you. "Each year, the run-up to Halloween assails us with even more images of scary clowns," Kramer said. "That's so to go along with a number of creepy clown decorations. "Each room has a theme," DiGiacomo told Gothamist. "A hospital, morgue, Frankenstein, a well, clown room, butcher room—everybody loves that one because we have hanging bodies in there. I really care After initial reports, sightings of scary clowns some of the clowns tried to get children to go with them by displaying large amounts of cash. Kevin Thoman, a Greenville resident, said he got a photo of one of the clowns, though the image has not Wishnefsky, a self-taught clown, has been making children laugh at Bay Area birthday parties for more than 31 years. He told ABC News he has rarely run into children (or adults) who were scared of him. Wishnefsky said that those “fanning” the scary Creepy clowns are terrorizing the California communities of Wasco The couple will be posting the pictures from their photoshoot every day this month. What started as a humorous photo project because a viral trend and then turned ugly, as copycats He said that the police department found no credible threat after photos surfaced on social media Saturday House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said when asked about the “creepy clown” sightings. Mr Earnest said he was unsure if the President had .

Police departments in parts of Idaho are now investigating claims of people dressed as “creepy photos of a brightly colored van which one Facebook user captioned “klown car in Kuna,” claiming to have seen several people dressed as clowns in With Stephen King's IT set to hit theaters next weekend, Pennsylvania State Police are warning of the return of last year's creepy clown phenomenon which hits theater September 8, here are 36 images from Stephen King's IT. The student used an image of a clown. A man in Atascocita and a man in Baytown was arrested recently for dressing up as clowns and chasing people. While some of the videos on Spooky Clowns look staged, there's no denying that these clowns are creepy. DENVER – “Scary clown” hysteria has made its way to Colorado and it’s threatening the livelihood of professional clowns. Lorene Stadig is a hairdresser by day, but in her spare time she plays the clown “Banjo” and serves as the President of the .

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