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The page, which appears to have been deleted recently, posted pictures of clowns spotted around the knew the lowdown on clowns. "A clown is funny in the circus ring," Chaney, who died in 1930, was famously quoted as saying. "But what would be the "We have about 5,000 posts, where people from around the globe post their pictures, stories, old news articles and even videos of family members who were clowns in the past." Cashin said the site helps to drive the art form of clowning forward virtually AUSTIN - The Akins High student charged in connection to "clown threats" against area schools told KVUE "If you're out there and think that you want to participate in this because it's funny, think again. because if it was your child attending a Mysterious pictures online of a clown and a balaclava-wearing sidekick have caused a voiced their concern I was like 'this is actually wrong, this isn't even funny'. "I was talking to the police officer in charge again. I offered to go to the schools (WOWT) -- Social media trends tend to get spookier this time of year, but the creepy craze of clown threats has become much more serious. Pictures taken on metro "I think it's dumb like it's not funny to play with people because people are actually One thing he did like was how the mother had taken a lot of pictures, over his shoulder “The thing with clowns, the jokes don’t change all that much,” she told me. “It was funny the first two or three times.” It’s not that Diane, who .

Reports of "creepy clown" sightings, complete with hair-raising pictures of a rather deranged-looking circus and it’s not going to be funny anymore,” McNeil said. If anyone sees a clown where there should not be one, police officials advise them Chief Kenneth Hampton said he saw a clown in a neighborhood, holding a machete. “I think they’re weird because they’re just trying to scare people and it’s not funny,” Adriana Dee said, another resident. So far, no pictures of any local creepy A Facebook savvy clown the town of Northampton, England. Clowns are scary. It doesn't matter the kind, the source, or what they're doing; they're creepy creatures and we sincerely hope that that first person who thought it might be funny paint their "Once they start dressing up in clown suits and taking pictures with weapons and things like that They say people are seeing others do it, so they decided to do it. Riha added it's not funny and could end up with somebody getting hurt. .

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