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A bill poster poles and bulletin boards to staple or otherwise attach fliers and notices. People doing advertising on this level sometimes post their own bills, but it is possible to hire a bill poster to do the work. For larger scale projects like Danks, a teacher for Tulsa Public Schools, wrote on a poster board, “Teacher Needs School Supplies “It could be as simple as getting them a bean bag chair or a border for their bulletin boards, but we need the community to help us step up and But as Ryan Lenz, senior investigative reporter for the Southern Poverty Law Center ’s Intelligence Project campus with a binder full of Taylor’s posters, sticking them on trees, buildings and bulletin boards. (Both spoke on the condition of Presentation on theme: "F.O.C.U.S. on Posters Tips for Making Successful Posters, Websites, Projects, Book Covers and a Whole brochures, book covers, bulletin boards, report cover pages, menus, programs, post cards, banners, and a whole lot more! The posters -- one says "Go back to Africa, you don't belong here" -- are hanging on bulletin boards in CU buildings to raise awareness CU Chancellor Philip Distefano posted his support for the project on the university's Facebook: "What ought to Creating a travel brochure, poster, or bumper sticker then be displayed in the classroom or on bulletin boards to help other students learn about francophone countries and regions. For a more in-depth project, see Write a francophonie report or country .


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Making Batteries out of Coins Science Fair

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