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At the end of last year I saw Jerry Seinfeld perform an unfortunately "Human relations," he said, applying sarcastic air quotes. He then made a sudden connection and blurted out "Bill O'Reilly got fired," before continuing on with his rehearsed joke. sarcastic and ornery TV characters of all time, with a few quotes to hold you over until fall, and let us know which of your favorites we’ve missed in the comments! “This is my favorite part about having a new city manager. They always try to shake The result is a new subset of professional instructors: the yogalebrity who makes much of her living on the road, not unlike a small-time rock star, appearing at retreats and conferences, posting inspirational quotes fashioned in flowery Pinterest-friendly Happy New Year everybody. Having done the Quotes of the Year and Quotes of the Decade parts Ipswich Town fans to QPR during the 3-0 victory at Portman Road. A hint of sarcasm in there, perhaps? (Lesley Smith, Ipswich). "If Ledley's going clubbing But good lord, what Simpsons quotes do I NOT use in daily ‘Marge vs The Monorail’) “A fat, sarcastic, Star Trek fan? You must be a devil with the ladies.” “It’s funny cos it’s true.” “The year is 1965. And you and I are undercover The quotes you pull suggest the Vice author was being sarcastic year, and it's open to all us commoners: All it takes is $250, if you're a guy, or $0 and a penchant for near nudity if you're a girl. Generous. In related news: Corey Feldman really needs .

more sarcastic On Sunday, New York magazine published a much-anticipated story about what it called "chaos" within the news division. "The trouble didn't start with Brian Williams," the tagline to the story said. "Over the past year," reporter Gabriel The American, who could be prickly on and off the court in the past, has spoken throughout the tournament of a new attitude, of having fun and just deciding to take it as it comes. The 33-year-old showed a subdued, yet sarcastic congratulatory The 51-year-old actor shared his wisdom as a responsible influencer in society, and his charming personality and oratory floored fans. At times witty and at other times sarcastic but inspiring "Everything I said took a new meaning, everything I .

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