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That beautiful shot of 'Starman' in a Tesla Roadster is your new

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Reddit user "AB-nebula" posted a gorgeous wallpaper of the space hero Starman — a spacesuit behind the wheel of the Tesla Roadster Elon Musk launched into space on board the Falcon Heavy rocket — with Earth in the background, to r/Wallpapers. It began by bringing back the basic, normal set of three – the Super Mushroom, the Fire Flower and the Starman – but then innovated with to open up new paths on the overworld map and buy wallpapers to display on the DS touch screen. According to Joanna Stern, a version of the Motorola X will be available with custom casings and wallpapers, not customizable internal hardware like was widely speculated. Owners will reportedly be able to order a version of the phone with different color Further to this, Eurogamer Spain claim that we’ll see a photo mode similar to that of inFamous Second Son, which will no doubt mean we’ll have some delicious new wallpapers in early August. UPDATE: It has also been confirmed the European PS4 version She tweeted the picture with the caption: 'Selecting from all these great wallpapers is extreme torment for an indecisive Libra woman like me.' Later, she picked out a velvet design saying: 'This velvet flocked wallpaper is killing me. Of course it's Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were released on Thursday and diehard Android fans were excited. In fact, unlike Nexus phones from Google, the new Pixel phones even managed to generate some interest outside the enthusiast crowd thanks to the .

I remember hearing a talk by a Hubble scientist years ago, and he said that if you download two or three Hubble images and use them to decorate your office or as a desktop wallpaper, you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of the telescope. I think he I've been in Memphis with my band The Dodge Brothers recording an album at Sun Studio where Elvis Presley recorded his first hits. He also made 33 films during his career but are any of them any good? Getting a bit sick of your Motorola DROID with its vanilla stylings? Well fear not (unless you’re afraid of a bit of warranty-voiding tinkering) because HTC’s Sense UI has been ported over to the DROID thanks to the work of AllDroid user Greek35T et al The bill will be introduced on a trial basis in the middle of January, which means companies will get less than two weeks to adapt to it before its implementation in the beginning of Feb. .

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