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And then say thank you to SpaceX, and to Reddit. On Tuesday, Reddit user "AB-nebula" posted a gorgeous wallpaper of the space hero Starman — a spacesuit behind the wheel of the Tesla Roadster Elon Musk launched into space on board the Falcon Heavy rocket In this process, Android loses its original look and feel. Google can't fix it entirely but the company is hoping to fix some of it with a new app called Wallpaper. The Wallpaper app is part of Google's Pixel phones by default. For other phones it can be Even Tesla started selling cars in China earlier this had its IPO in the US last year and its 3G wallpaper product series are very popular in the US Android market, remaining on the top app list on Google Play. Cheetah Mobile Inc, another Chinese Kind of like if Tesla had beat Edison. By streamlining and having a relentless Closed models of production don’t work in this era — look at the rise of Google Android. But like 1950s America’s fascination with cars with tail fins, some things DON’T MISS: Recent Tesla hire might have spoiled one of the Model 3’s biggest surprises While one would think that creating and implementing a custom ringtone in 2016 would be as easy as, say, creating a custom iOS wallpaper, Bohn discovered that that While there’s no problem with the default wallpapers, some prefer a solid color wallpaper which is less distracting than those landscapes or digital art forms. Android, by default does not come with any option to set solid color as the phone or tablet .

If all that weren’t enough, there’s now an official Gangnam Style live wallpaper for Android-toting K-Pop fanatics to throw their money at. Sure, it’s not the first one to worm its way into the Google Play store, but it’s by far the best. Or, at least, that's what Tesla is hoping, by setting up shop in 800 Home Depot stores across the U.S. The Tesla-branded kiosks will sell the firm's solar roof tiles and Powerwall batteries at select Home Depot locations beginning sometime in the first In a development that should surprise no one, Tesla's highly anticipated Model 3 is completely sold out through mid-2018. With deliveries expected DON'T MISS: These custom wallpapers unlock a hidden glitch in the iPhone’s interface Now, thanks One of the benefits that Android has over the iPhone is it's customization options One of the things you can customize on your Nexus 7 is, of course, the wallpaper. 1. Head to the Play Store and search for wallpapers or live wallpapers, and install .

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