Tri Fold Poster Board Decoration Ideas

First Grade Reading Fair PRI_Mr. Courtemanche

THANK YOU CARDS: Provide the children with a tri-fold card made out of construction paper for them to write or draw a simple THANK YOU card to someone they would like to THANK. Stickers and markers will make for good decorations and maybe a piece of gum to You can see the checkered flag play mat propped up against the cardboard tri-fold in the photo below It’s a blue piece of poster board that I placed under the clear gift wrap as I cut and positioned my black and white tape pieces to create the If you want to learn how to make a tri-fold picture frame, then look at the directions below. FYI…this craft is for older children – 9 and up….younger children can do it with help from an adult / parent / teacher. Cut the cardboard into three pieces Have kids create their puppet theater and finger puppets, then put on a show for family and friends! This would also make an awesome preschool and/or home school activity. Purchase a tri-fold poster board. I found some that came in colors (red, yellow Make an identical cut 1.75" from the bottom of the card again between the 2" - 10" score lines. NOTE: My cut lines don't go clear to the fold lines.I'm not comfortable cutting that close with my rotary cutter soooo. I finish up my lines with an Set the tri-fold boards on top of the uncut 3rd foam board. Arch the poster board over the top of the light studio and use clothespins to secure the sides. (This will give you more head room to take downward shots of your subject matter.) Leave a gap in .

Cardboard tri-fold display boards are best to use for displaying papers and photos and using light objects for decoration, such as glitter and scrapbook die-cut letters. This type of display board is usually available in white or the traditional brown All thoughts and opinions are my own. Remember when we were kids and we used those Elmer’s foam tri-fold poster boards for science fair projects? Do you have kids? Are you even the slightest bit crafty? Well have I got a project for you! We made a DIY Here at Shutterfly, you can create cards packed with personality. Adorn tri-fold Valentine’s cards with pictures of you and the kiddos to make the grandparents’ day a bit more special. Not only can you plaster the stationery with some of your favorite Foam Board Express offers both flat display foam boards and tri-fold presentation foam boards (all made in of its 20-inch by 30-inch flat display foam boards, including one black foam board, one white foam board and three additional foam board sheets .

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First Grade Reading Fair PRI_Mr. Courtemanche

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