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One thing that many business owners do not think about when designing their website is what effect changing the Google Form Header Image Size can have on SEO. The reason for this is because it is so easy to ignore how important a website’s image can be. Although there are different factors that go into creating a quality site, the image is often overlooked.

Using a small image in your form header will not only decrease your rankings in the search engines, but it will also decrease the amount of trust that your visitors have in your company. Many users that fill out your Google form want to know that you are legitimate and have something to offer them. Having a poorly designed site or even a large image on your page will increase this doubt. However, by making sure that your Google Form Header Image Size is large enough to show up clearly, this can help to increase your ranks in the search engines.

Since so many people are worried about what the image size of their website has to do with Google, let’s take a look at the numbers first. The top ranking websites will always use a form that is optimized for larger images. This is because large images have been proven to be more appealing than other images. Although the image size may not seem like much on its own, the benefits go beyond just that.

When using a large image in your Google Form Header Image Size, it can help to decrease your bounce rate which is a lower percentage of your visitors that will leave your page after clicking through. Bounce rate is considered a major indicator of how your site is perceived by visitors. Although it can be hard to determine for certain, most users will find it difficult to take you seriously if you have a low bounce rate.

With a high bounce rate, many users will think twice about filling out your form. When they do, they will likely choose another site or will end up simply leaving your page. If you have a lot of users who leave your page, it may be worth it to consider creating a short filler form or even a landing page where they can find out more information about your product or service. This will greatly increase your conversions which will lead to more sales.

When making changes to your Google Form Header Image Size, make sure that you only do so as a general rule. If you are a very small business, this might not be an option. However, there are other ways to alter the image so that it is more acceptable to the search engines. This means having the image resized by Google itself, which is something that you can do yourself and it can be done with little or no cost.

While you can do this on your own, it is best to get someone to do it for you because of the time involved and the fact that you will not be able to do everything yourself. You will have to have them create a new code for you to use and they should also be willing to resize the image for you if needed.

By considering changing the Google Form Header Image Size, you will be increasing the amount of trust that your visitors have in your company. This will lead to more sales as well as a higher ranking on Google. It is a simple change that will allow you to be seen as an authority in your industry.

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