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Any man that is considering a divorce must, of course, consider a printable prenup. The prenup is simply a written agreement between the husband and wife regarding the division of assets in the event of a divorce. It also protects the couple from misusing their assets should they become separated.

There are several ways to have a prenup drafted that will ensure it will not be challenged in court. Here are some tips to help make your prenup a reality.

Make sure to include an asset budget in your plan as soon as possible after marriage. The budget can be done before the wedding or after it. Once you and your spouse have figured out exactly how much money each of you has, add the money together for both of you. Don’t forget to subtract all of your children’s expenses that are not related to the marriage. This is a good place to keep track of any funds that would not be needed for a divorce.

Write a prenup with all the fees and payments on a separate sheet of paper. You should use blank prenups as your initial draft, so that you don’t forget to keep a copy of the final version. When you go to the lawyer to have your prenup drafted, have him or her fill in any sections that need to be updated.

Once you have all of the information and fees for the prenup finalized, you will want to prepare separate legal copies. Make sure to protect your finances from everyone who doesn’t know you have a prenup. You should create a couple of legal copies for yourself. These are to be kept secure, so you can refer to them as you need to during the process.

When you have prepared all of the legal forms, it is time to get into the nitty-gritty of the actual writing of the prenup. Use your best judgment when dealing with the children, the division of assets, and the timing of the prenup. Put together a fair prenup that you are comfortable with.

Your divorce attorney will take care of all of the legal specifics that you may not want to deal with. That being said, make sure that you have taken the time to prepare a fair prenup. You may find that you are able to take the time to save and print a few copies. You can then bring them to the divorce court and hand them over to your attorney to use as the basis for your case.

It is always a good idea to have all of your financial documents together, including a checklist of any pending debts or loans. This will help to prevent any misusing of assets should you become separated. A printable prenup will be a great starting point when it comes to divorce planning.

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